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BSZS 2002 JKL SG1 - Quentin Karanberg SchH3 Over medium size, medium strength, dry, firm, strikingly well pigmented dog, constructed with absolutely correct body proportions.  Harmoniously formed expressive head with good mask and correct ears. Good topline with pronounced wither, firm back and good croup.  Good fore-, very good hind-angulation, good brisket development, correct front.  Quentin moves correct when viewed from front and hehind and demonstrates a very light-footed roomy gait with powerful hindthrust.  This very correct son of the twice Sieger Yasko and a very highly graded mother appears particularly suitable for all breeders who would like to support the concerns of the SV-leadership with respect to a return to the desired medium size without any deterioration in type and presence.
Herr F. Goldlust

BSZS 2005 Progeny Report - Quentin Karanberg SchH3 Quentin produced his 1st qualitatively good group and the 3rd largest with a good proportion of the number entered. With 38 registered litters producing 177 puppies the balance lies in favour of the bitches. The uniformity is practically evident. Good embodiment of the sire’s type and good differentiation of the sexes. Very good body proportions, correct standard size, well shaped heads, medium strength of bone and good pigmentation. In the majority of the dogs the upper-arms must be longer and better angled and the croups must be longer. With correct brisket development and clean front lines the top lines are very good. They demonstrate an outreaching fluent movement. With a few animals the front reach could be freer. In choosing a breeding partner one should pay attention to correct angle of upper-arm and length of croup.
Herr H Scheerer and Herr R Mai

BSZS 2006 Progeny ReportQuentin Karanberg SchH3 In this the second group of the now 5 year old dog the number of exhibited animals unfortunately has halved in comparison with the previous year. The group shows a good uniformity, good embodiment of the sire’s type, clear differentiation of the sexes, very good body proportions with pronounced dryness and firmness. With the exception of individual animals the size is correct to standard with well formed heads and good pigmentation. In a few cases the upperarm should be longer and better angled. Furthermore in a few animals the length of the croup can be criticized slightly. With correct brisket development and clean fronts the dogs show predominantly powerful outreaching fluent gaits with very good topline.
Herr Heinz Scheerer and Herr Günther Schwedes
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